I Decided to Build a House: My Seven Reasons


So I decided to build a house.

Some where between college apartments and living out of my suitcase I became interested in minimalist living. Who knew that moving around and living out of a suitcase could make you want less stuff and want to settle down a bit?  So, after dorms, renting, company housing, rig bunks, extended-stay hotels, renting again, and moving back in with my parents, I became inthralled in the idea of actually having my own space, for my own stuff, in a small way.

I gave it lots of thought and consideration before I decide to build. I’m a list kind of person so I made one:


My own space – If you read the first paragraph you know I’ve bee-bopped around a lot. And if you’ve ever moved you know its a pain in the butt. Also roommates, I’ve had soooo many roommates. I’m not saying that roommates are awful, I’m just ready to be (semi) alone.

We’ll have a place for us to start our life – Okay, I’ll have one roommate I guess. I met my fiancé  Andrew working abroad and soon he’ll be moving to the U.S. We need a space for ourselves.

It will save us money – No mortgage. No rent. I’ll get into to finances in a later post. Also buying a “normal” house means (most of the time) spending more money on square footage we don’t really need. Same goes for apartments really. My tiny house clocks under the 700 sqft. that was my last apartment, and to tell you the truth it feels much bigger because it’s laid out for my specific needs.

It will be what we want – Since I’ve built it myself it will have the features that are most important to us. Andrew is big on a minimalist look with a mostly white pallet. I’m super big on the kitchen, for me it’s the most important part of the home. We both like an open floor plan and windows to look into the woods.

I’ll live close to my parents – though I swore I never would move in with them, that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to live close to them. I spent about three years being as far away from them as humanly possible, so I’m ready to enjoy my family.

A base – My previous work had me pretty nomadic, in the event something like that happens again, or we have to move a way this can always serve as a home base for things that are really important to us, and as a place to stay if we need to visit down the road.

I really want the experience of building a house – I personally want the experience, and it was well worth it. I love making things myself. I also learned a very useful new skill set. As many of my friends have told me, it’s also cool to be able to say you built your own house and is a story you can share for years to come.


Andrew’s not here yet, so I enlisted the help of a family/friend that rather stay anonymous on the inter-webs. Just the two of us managed to build the house in 5 months, and it’s better than I could have imagined.

So what’s stopping you? 🙂



Feel free to contact me with your questions and to comment your thought below!


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