Tiny House Review

This page is a general overview of my house. I will include links to more specific articles as I write them and have a listed archive at the bottom to direct anyone to a specific to articles on specific topics. I want to cover as much information as possible, especially the info I couldn’t find before I took the plunge into small house building.


My parents were extremely nice enough to let me build on a small piece of land next to where we traditionally have a vegetable garden far back from there place. We are located in beautiful North Alabama and live outside of town in an unincorporated area, something that definitely helped make the build easier and also possible (a.k.a. permits). My house points South, and is shaded in summer except for the very front edge.


Me and a knowledgeable family member broke ground on my site then very end of October 2016 and finished March 2017. Out of the five months it took about four were completely full time work week.


The house is 16′ x 26′ (416 sqft)  with a 6′ porch extending of the front. Inside there is a 9’6″ x 16′ loft (152 sqft) in the back. Underneath the loft is a full bathroom, closet, pantry, and place for stackable washer and dryer. The rest of the house is the kitchen and living space with vaulted ceiling. Depending on who you ask a square footage of 568 sqft is not a tiny house actually, but whether you are building bigger or smaller there is still plenty of ideas and info for you here.


coming soon………….

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