Welcome to my home! I built my house in the winter of 2016/ spring 2017 with some help from my extremely skilled brother-in-law. Between the two of us we designed and built the entire thing in just over 6 months, and I love it! It’s just under 600 sqft (including the loft) it’s all I could ever want: the kitchen is perfect, I see out into the woods, and there is plenty of shelf space for my books 🙂

Let me be honest, I spent a year and half, three times what it took to build the house, just thinking about it, and worrying about it, instead of just taking the plunge! My major hang up of course being THE MONEY. I saved up plenty, but I wanted to know what it would cost me. I looked around the internet, and there were some examples, but I wanted more than just  a grand total and more than just a tiny home on wheels. The devil is in the details, and if you foray into home improvement or house building, you know that the price can drastically change just based off of the materials you pick. “This flooring is $45.00/sqft and this one that looks the same is,…. it’s $80.00/sqft???” You can drastically save (or drastically loose) money depending on your choices.

So, here I want to provide what past me would of loved; an itemized account of the whole thing. From us getting a septic tank (the one thing we couldn’t do ourselves), to the sink in the bathroom (the one thing I would change); I’m going to put it all on paper here.   It might not be exactly what you would pick, and the prices in your area may be different, but I hope it gives you some piece of mind for your own home journey.

All the best!



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